QUANTIFISENS stands for omnifunctional, quantum-inspired fiber sensor systems - QUANTum-Inspired, omnifunctional FIber SENSor systems - and describes a novel holistic approach to solving complex, sensory customer problems using optical fibers, the relevant measurement technology, and innovative self-learning software.

the sens­ing [r]evolution‹ repres­ents a tur­ning point in the evo­lu­tio­na­ry deve­lo­p­ment of clas­si­cal sen­sors and the poten­ti­al to revo­lu­tio­ni­ze them with the use of quan­tum technology.

The alliance

To implement the concept, 13 partners have joined forces:

  • 11 technology companies - 7 SMEs, 2 start-ups & 2 large enterprises -.
  • 2 research institutes - Fraunhofer IOF and Leibniz IPHT -.

The collaboration of highly innovative, agile small companies with established, production-experienced market participants promises special effects for a common innovation base.

The vision

The alliance will develop and offer innovative agile fiber sensor systems. With the targeted build-up of competence, increased market presence and awareness, previously unattained target parameters and properties will be possible after a successful research phase.

Specifically, this will serve complex customer problems in initially two target markets:

  • Medical imaging and
  • Infrastructure monitoring

In both markets, optical fiber sensor technology offers significant technological advantages over the solutions used today or addresses customer problems that were previously unsolvable. In addition, both markets are interesting in terms of their absolute market size and are growing strongly.

The focal points

The cooperation takes place in 5 thematic areas:

  • Optical fiber technology
  • Scattering-based measurement technology
  • Quantum and laser technology
  • Software & Data Analysis
  • Omnifunctional system integration

The recovery

QUANTIFISENS addresses different customer segments and requirements in the exploitation phase, developing a holistic multifunctional sensor solution with high expertise. In this solution, all components, modules and software can be optimally coordinated with each other, so that data can be sparingly and highly efficiently operated. Specific knowledge makes it possible to adapt products specifically to customer needs at every level of the value chain, so that the combination of quantum photonics and sensor technology ultimately opens up products with a highly unique selling proposition. The alliance will address further (sub-) markets beyond the funding phase according to the market entry strategy.